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Prakash Slim is a super guitar player and song writer.
Blues Blast magazine, USA
Reviewer :  Steve Jones
Issue 16-45 November 10, 2022
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Living Blues magazine, USA
Reviewer: Lee Zimmerman
September 2022
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Absolutely captivating music.
Blues News magazine, Finland
Reviewer :  Pete Hoppula
October , 2022
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If country blues is our thing look no further than Prakash Slim.

Blues Matters magazine, UK
June/July 2022
Reviewer  : Stephen Harrison


It is authentic as the triumph of the human spirit over such adversities. It's as authentic as one passion - filled artist with one guitar and a single voice can make it.
American Blues Scene, Magazine, USA
Reviewer : JD Nash
February 2022 Reviews
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Enough of his own music to know he is not a copyist. Enough to
know this man has the blues in his soul and in his fingers.
Blues In The South, UK
Reviewer : Ian McKenzie
March 2022
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This very entertaining release was certainly worth the effort.
Blues In Britain
Reviewer : Norman Darwen
April 2022

Twojblues - Poland
Reviewer: Pawel Cybulski
Spring 2022 Edition
"Country Blues from Nepal? How it's possible? - I asked myself. Once again it turned out that blues is not a
matter of geographical coordinates, but of human experience."

"Country Blues From Nepal" is an utter gem of an album.
Philly Cheeze's Rock & Blues Review,USA
Making A Scene, USA
Reviewer : Phillip Smith
March 2022
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The blues are alive and well in the shadow of the Himalayas.
Down At The Crossroads, Ireland
Reviewer : Dr. Gary Burnett
March 2022
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Zicazic, France
Reviewer : Fred Delforge
March 2022
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This is a curious, interesting and attractive album, especially for those who like to discover artists from distant lands.
La Hora Del Blues, Spain
Reviewer : Vicente Zumel
April 2022

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Prakash Slim gives new meaning to the country blues in “Country Blues From Nepal”.
Reviewer : Jim White
February 2022
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"There is no-one quite like Prakash Slim around today, that’s for sure". BLUES BLUES, UK

Reviewer : Blues Blues

February 2022 Reviews

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Review in Buscadero magazine, Italy
Reviewed by Andrea Trevaini
April 2022


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